The West Midland Safari and Leisure Park (WMSP) in Worcestershire in England

The West Midland Safari and Leisure Park (WMSP) is a safari park located on the A456 between Kidderminster and Bewdley in Worcestershire, England, opened in 1973.

The park has a four-mile drive round Safari, with many species of animals from all over the world in mixed and single species reserves. As well as this, there is a large theme park area, pets corner, discovery zone and Spring Grove House, the park being built within the grounds. The Severn Valley Railway runs parallel to the park at one point between the stations of Kidderminster and Bewdley.

Of only fourteen White Lions in the UK, twelve are on display at the park while Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire house a further two. WMSP also has the largest herd of Hippopotamus in Europe. The park houses several rare species in need of conservation including African Wild Dog, Aye-Aye, White Rhinoceros and White tiger - of which WMSP has the largest group in the UK.

In 2006, the park added both Leopard and Cape Buffalo to its collection, making it the first safari park in the UK to host all of the African Big Five.

Also in 2006, the park was host to Safari Park, a six-part documentary about the keepers and animals at West Midlands, which was broadcast on ITV Central in the Midlands. A second series was broadcast in 2007.

The park is also now home to two Cheetahs, in a new enclosure which opened in February 2008.
[Source: Wikipedia]

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