The tallest skyscraper in Western Australia - The Central Park in Perth

The Central Park tower is the tallest skyscraper in Western Australia. When completed in 1992 it overtook the BankWest Tower as the tallest building in the city of Perth. The roof of Central Park is 226 meters (741 feet) above the ground and the tip of the spire is 249 meters (817 feet) above the ground.

From its uppermost floors, there are views out to Kings Park and the Indian Ocean. However, members of the public are not permitted to observe from the building except on designated charity days.

The plan form of the tower is based on a square with various triangular wings on opposite sides. The triangles drop off the cross section at various heights, giving the tower a distinctive multifaceted look. The facade consists of aluminium panels and reflective glass.

The tower has 66,500 m² of office space on 51 occupied floors. At the base is a 5000 m² landscaped park, a popular gathering place for workers and the public (in particular youth associated with alternative and gothic and emo culture). The park contains sunken seated areas and raised grassed areas, as well as a fountain as the centerpiece. There are also drink fountains, and a large plaza area that has recently been renovated, which provides a pedestrian thoroughfare to St Georges Terrace. Until late 2004, B-Boys from Perth’s Hip-Hop community often met there to dance or “break”. Some local perth MCs still meet at Central Park on Sunday afternoons to perform freestyles and written rhymes.

The building is used for charity events such as a stair climb. Tenants include Rio Tinto and law firms Minter Ellison and Mallesons Stephen Jaques.
[Source: Wikipedia]

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