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The Cologne Cathedral, Cologne, Germany - video

Saturday, May 13th, 2006

The Cologne Cathedral (German: Kölner Dom, official name Hohe Domkirche St. Peter und Maria) is one of the best-known architectural monuments in Germany and has been Cologne’s most famous landmark since its completion in the late 19th century. The cathedral is under the administration of the Roman Catholic Church and is the seat of the Archbishop of Cologne. From 1880, when its spires were completed, it was the world’s tallest structure, losing its title on the completion of the Washington Monument in Washington DC, 1884. Cologne Cathedral remains the second-tallest Gothic structure in the world; only the steeple of the Ulm Münster is higher.

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“Crooked House”, Sopot, Poland

Tuesday, May 9th, 2006

This is really amazing building.

Below some description from Allcon (General Contractor of the building):

“The building is situated in Sopot, at Bohaterów Monte Cassino Street. It is the compact settlement and it is an extension of the already existing shopping and service center which main entrance is at Haffnera 6 Street. Through booth building leads walking duration connecting service center between Haffnera and Monte Cassino Street.

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